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All our treatment packages are individually tailored to your exact needs so the prices below are a guide. Your unique procedure will be individually costed and discussed prior to treatment beginning...

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Newcastle

Removing stretch marks for our clients across Newcastle & the North East requires a combination of laser treatment, Polynucleotide injection treatment and plasma injections. Laser treatment will help stimulate collagen growth in targeted areas of scarring and stretch marks creating dramatic results. Along with our other treatments and also micro-needling, where extra elastin is built up into the effect skin areas, ensuring stretch marks caused by pregnancy, or dramatic weight loss will be a thing of the past. The polynucleotide injections will essentially draw moisture from the area and create your body’s natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. You will also notice a reduction to stretch marks & any irritated areas of skin.

Morpeth Aesthetic Treatments

Choose the very best Botox treatments in Botox, including lip filler, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle injections and much more. Doctor led treatments from the Doctor Steven Land team, including trained nurses and high quality Aesthetics. Morpeth is an area of the North East of England which has it all.  Beautiful scenery and clients which understand the importance of creating Botox treatments that work for you. Call our staff for expert advice and free consultation on all Aesthetic work.

Angel Facial

One Million Dollar Facial and Angel Facial treatment from Novellus Aesthetics Newcastle Upon Tyne, delivers a high quality and Doctor led facial that will make all the difference and leave your face refreshed and rejuvenated.  Book your free consultancy and speak to the trusted experts on all facial aspects.


Microneedling is a multipurpose, non invasive skin treatment that can treat a range of concerns, from ageing or acne scarring to hair loss and our treatment centre is based in Newcastle upon Tyne for all anti wrinkle issues.

Prices from: £200

Laser hair removal

Shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing—all are temporary fixes for unwanted hair. With our laser hair removal treatments in Newcastle, you can quickly and easily reduce unwanted hair on your body or face with permanent results.

Prices from: £50

Tear Troughs

Tear troughs – or under eye filler – involves strategically placed filler to fill under eye hollows, lessen dark circles and hide eye bags in Newcastle

Lash Growth

Using our clinically proven, prescription only Eyelash growth serums you can transform your sparse, short lashes. After consultation with us in Newcastle and North East, your Eyelashes will shine.

Prices from: £65

Skin peels

Here at novellus we like to think of skin peels as the shortcut to great looking skin. From superficial to deeper peels, such as The Perfect Peel, we can turn your skin around quicker than you think and all available here in Newcastle and the North East.

Prices from: £80

Skin care

Medical grade skincare is specifically designed to penetrate deeper into the skin and alter its function, rather than just act at the surface.

Prices from: £20


Migraines Newcastle. The same injections used for reducing wrinkles (Botox) have other, surprising uses, including the reduction of migraines. You would never have thought that a simple treatment could make so much difference to lives of our patients and relieves from cluster headaches and serious Migraines. Call now for expert migraine treatment in Newcastle and throughout the North East.

Prices from: £400


Profhilo is a brand new injectable for overall skin rejuvenation and anti wrinkle treatment helping ageing and wrinkled skin, its been described as injectable long term moisturiser. Bio-remodelling by stimulating the skins own repair mechanisms.

Prices from: £250

Brow Lift

Using a combination of Botox and fillers, we can perform a brow lift, subtly opening up the eye area to refresh and rejuvenate tired eyes. With our clinic in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we are able to ensure brows look great.

Prices from: £250

Jawline Contouring/ Slimming/Tightening

Using a combination of botox and dermal fillers we can sculpt and tighten the jawline, whilst slimming the lower face, creating a more contoured and weight loss appearance all here in Newcastle. Jawline filler can be the answer to changing your profile or hiding jowls.


Prices from: £250

Cheek Augmentation

A novellus specialty…. Cheek Filler Newcastle is all about Restoring lost cheek volume to lift the mid face, or sculpting killer cheekbones. Lifting, cheekbone definition and structure is our business. Call for free consultation in Newcastle and North East

Prices from: £375

Chin Augmentation

For those with a weak chin, the use of dermal fillers to build out their profile is a game changer. Can be combined with jawline reshaping to perfectly enhance the profile. Chin enhancement is available here in Newcastle and through out the North east through Novellus

Prices from: £250

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty / Liquid Nose-Job

How do we ensure your Nose job and contouring is a success. Precise injections of dermal filler can be used to smooth out the contour, straighten and even shorten the nose, turning up the tip and reshaping your nose. Please book a consultation in Newcastle or North East.

Prices from: £350

Lip Fillers Newcastle

Sculpting perfect pouts using dermal / Lip fillers…. Precise placement to smooth away fine lines, plump up lips and create definition whilst maintaining a natural shape and look. All here in Newcastle and throughout the North East.

Prices from: £200

Botox Treatments Newcastle

Botox is the world’s most talked about beauty treatment. Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth out lines, giving a natural, more rested appearance to those with fine lines and wrinkles. Get the very best Botox treatment in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East region and beyond. Trust a doctor led treatment solution for a clean and youthful look and feel from the experts. We all want to look good and feel as good as we can, especially for special occasions and parties. Treating people with Botox is something that needs to be carried out properly and by medical staff with experience that only a Doctor and Nurse team can bring. Call our Newcastle Upon Tyne clinic and get a free of charge consultation and the care you deserve.

Prices from: we

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