Lip Fillers Ponteland

High-quality lip filler treatment for our clients in and around the Ponteland area, Novellus Aesthetics offer the ultimate safety and quality lip treatments by offering a Doctor and Nurse practice only.

Novellus is not only an award-winning practice but also a super friendly and professional environment.

Free initial consultation and the ability to discuss your mouth, lips and the look and feel you desire with a Doctor who can achieve your perfect smile.

For many years, our hugely knowledgeable staff have welcomed all of our clients from Ponteland into our practice and have achieved great things together.

Get in touch via phone, email or online anytime and arrange a time to get highly competitive pricing and the safety and assurance of an award-winning Doctor led service.

Novellus Aesthetics

1 Benton Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1QU

T: 0191 6950450

Novellus Aesthetics