Lip Fillers, Botox Treatments & More in South Shields

The highest quality Doctor led lip filler & Botox treatments in South Shields and surrounding areas.

Dermer fillers and Aesthetics procedures need professional and qualified personnel and Novellus Aesthetics treatments are performed by only trained Doctors & Nurses for your safety and to create a look that will make all the difference.

South Shields is one of the largest populations within the North East region and dates back to pre-historic times allowing for wonderful and interesting historical sites, as well as the beauty of the seaside environment.

Being a coastal town, South Shields offers many opportunities for leisure with many restaurants and bars, to enable your Botox, lip filler and Aesthetics treatments to create a sense of confidence while out within the Shields area.

Call our expert and friendly team, for a free consultation with Doctor Steven Land and his team and discuss anti-wrinkle treatments, facials, lip fillers, Botox and much more for our clients within South Shields.

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