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The most commonly asked are answered here.

Who are we?

novellus aesthetics is the culmination of several years of hard work by Dr. Steven Land MBBS MCEM. Our aim is to bring you the finest in non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Steven Land qualified from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical School over a decade ago and has built up considerable experience in surgical procedures during his training in plastic surgery, orthopaedic and trauma surgery, general surgery and accident and emergency medicine. He developed an interest in non-surgical facial rejuvenation during his plastic surgery training and after further extensive training he is now able to bring these skills to the discerning public.

What’s the difference between botox and dermal fillers?

In basic terms anti-wrinkle injections will reduce the ability of the facial muscles that form wrinkles to contract. This prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles and allows the damaged skin time to recover. Dermal fillers can be used to plump up and reduce the visibility of already formed lines and creases.

The reality is somewhat more complicated and it may be that a bespoke package with elements of both treatments will give you the best results.

For further information see the separate sections below to see how each procedure works, and what can be treated. Alternatively call us to book a no obligation consultation to discuss your unique facial rejuvenation experience.

How does it work?

The Botulinum protein that we place into the muscles blocks the activation of a chemical pathway that leads to muscle contraction. This means the treated muscles cannot work as strongly and therefore cannot wrinkle up the overlying skin.

This protein is slowly broken down by the body meaning that repeat treatment will eventually be required.

What areas can be treated?

There are three main areas that can be treated with the anti-wrinkle injections:

  • The frown lines between the eyebrows (also known as the glabella region) can be treated to remove obvious lines. Deep lines here may require one treatment cycle to achieve the optimal effect.
  • The forehead can be treated in a number of different ways to produce different effects. We can prioritise the removal of lines or eyebrow lifts to give amazing results. It is inadvisable to treat the forehead without treating the frown lines, given the way these muscle groups work in synergy.
  • Crow’s feet or smile lines at the outer edges of the eye can be reduced or eliminated altogether.
How long does it take to work?

The effects of your treatment should start to become apparent within a few days but can take up to two weeks to have their full effect. A review appointment is offered at two weeks to make any adjustments that may be necessary once the initial treatment has reached its full effect. This would also be an ideal time to correct any residual lines with dermal fillers if desirable.

How long does the treatment last?

Anti-wrinkle injections are not permanent and last on average three to six months. Repeated treatments tend to last longer.

How long does the treatment last?

Any pain is minimised by the use of a very fine injection needle and the very small volumes that are required to be injected.

Some people may feel a tiny sting during the procedure, but most people say the injections are painless.

What if I don’t get the desired results?

Whilst we endeavour to meet our clients’ needs and wishes it is not always possible, due to the nature of the procedure, to achieve the exact desired result at the first treatment.

All of our clients are offered a review appointment two weeks after their initial treatment. At this stage the anti-wrinkle injections will have reached their maximum effect and any slight asymmetry can be corrected. This valuable additional service is included in the initial price, so no further payment is required.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment prices vary depending on the person being treated. Some people have stronger, bigger muscles requiring more product to be used.

Prices start from £150 for a single treatment area, £250 for two treatment areas and £325 for treatment of all three of the main areas.

Are there any side effects?

There are relatively few potential side effects from anti-wrinkle injections, and thankfully most are uncommon and all are temporary. Side effects may include itchiness, redness and twitching at the site of injection. Some people can occasionally develop dry, or alternatively watering eyes, and very rarely people may experience drooping of their eyelids.

Can I have anti-wrinkle injections?

It would be unwise for certain clients to undergo anti-wrinkle injections. The following is a list of known contra-indications, but if you have any ongoing medical condition you should discuss this with our clinic director prior to treatment: pregnancy; breastfeeding; known allergy to botulinum protein or constituents of the injection; infection at the proposed injection site; active skin conditions at the proposed injection site (e.g. eczema or psoriasis); neuromuscular conditions (e.g. myasthenia gravis and Eaton Lambert syndrome); history of hypertrophic or keloid scarring.

Whate can be treated?

Theoretically any line or fold can be treated with dermal fillers, but there are some areas that naturally lend themselves to the technique particularly well, whilst others are more problematic.

The most commonly treated areas are nasolabial folds (the lines from your nose to your mouth), marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth downwards) and forehead lines.

If you are unsure as to whether we are able to help you, then book in for a no-obligation consultation with our clinic director to discuss your desires.

How long does it take?

The results of the treatment can be seen almost immediately although it may take a few days for the full effects to become visible.

How long does it last?

The treatments can last a variable amount of time dependent upon the client. The average duration is six to nine months but treatments can last over a year.

The material we use in all of our dermal fillers is natural and biodegradable, meaning your body will naturally break it down over time.

Does it hurt?

Generally pain relief is not required for dermal filler procedures to correct lines and folds. Some people may experience some mild discomfort and a local anaesthetic cream may be applied to the area for a more comfortable treatment experience.

How much does it cost?

Treatments start from under £200.

The price is dependent on the product used and the amounts required. The hyaluronic acid complexes used in the fillers for deeper creases are more intricate and contain more HA, making for a more expensive product.

For an exact price, book in for a consultation to discuss your precise requirements – 07973204276, or

Are there any side effects?

Over 10 million dermal filler procedures have been performed since the launch of the first dermal fillers in the mid 1990’s. Product related reactions are very rare as it is a natural material.

There are some injection related reactions which may occur after any injection and normally resolve within a few days. These may include: redness; swelling; bruising; itching; pain and tenderness.

Very rarely people may be allergic to one of the constituents of the product or develop an infection at the procedure site.

Are there any contraindications?

There are very few contraindications to dermal filler treatments as they are a natural material; only active infection and a known allergy to the numbing agent found in a number of products would prevent a dermal filler being used.

How does it work?

All human hair naturally goes through three phases as it grows; it grows and then enters a resting phase before finally being shed ready for the process to start again. Eyelashes are no different to any other hair and the specially formulated eyelash growth serum we prescribe works by prolonging the growth and resting phases. This means that your own eyelashes naturally grow longer, thicker and darker. Clinical studies have shown them to grow 25% longer 106% thicker and 18% darker. Better than false lashes as these are your own lashes, just more amazing!

How long does it take to work?

Results from the eyelash serum can be seen within a couple of weeks. However, as these are your own lashes growing bigger, stronger and better it will take a full twelve to sixteen weeks to see the full, stunning effects.

How long does it last?

The effects of the serum will last as long as you keep using it. Unfortunately the serum is required to continue to stimulate the new lashes that grow through to replace those that are naturally lost. However, once the lashes have reached their full potential a much smaller dose is required to maintain your beautiful new lashes.

How do I apply the serum?

The serum is simple to apply. Just apply a thin line along the base of the eyelashes (with the provided applicator), as you would eyeliner. This needs to be done once a day and we would recommend building this into your nighttime regime. Do this on a daily basis to develop fuller, longer lashes.

How do I maintain the effects of the serum?

Once your lashes have reached their full glory there is no need to apply the serum daily. Two to three times per week will be sufficient to maintain your new, amazing lashes.

Can I still use mascara or extensions?

YES! The new lashes you have are your very own lashes, grown by you, just made more beautiful by our patented serum. This means that you can treat them exactly the same as you always have, mascara, extensions and even individual lashes are all completely fine.

How do I store the serum?

No special requirements are required for the storage of the serum. Room temperature, in the bathroom cabinet is fine, but as for all prescription medications keep out of reach of children.

What if I get the serum in my eye?

The serum was originally intended for use as an eye drop so it should cause no problems if you accidentally get it in your eye.

Can I use it if I wear contact lenses?

Yes. We would recommend that you take your lenses out when applying the serum to your lashes, and keeping them out for a minimum of 30 minutes after application, to prevent any solution being absorbed onto the contacts and irritating the eye over time. Applying last thing at night before retiring to bed is advised, which should negate this problem.

What if I forget to apply the serum?

Missing a single dose should not pose any problem. Don’t apply extra, just remember to apply the next day and stick to the schedule.

How much does it cost?

Our patented eyelash growth serum costs just £65. This will supply you with enough serum to last approximately three months, equating to just over 70p a day! Compare this to a set of full individual lashes costing between £60-100 and then requiring infills every two to three weeks and you can see how much of a bargain this becomes. Then factor in that a bottle will last around six months in the maintenance phase, as only two to three applications a week are required and you’ll see we should probably be charging more for this amazing product!

Are there any side effects?

There are fortunately few side effects with our eyelash serum, but there are some to be aware of which may prevent you using it. The serum can irritate some people’s eyes, causing redness and itching and occasionally a rash. In very rare instances it can cause darkening of the skin where it is applied.

Are there any contra-indications?

There are a few people who we would advise against using our eyelash serum. People known to have reactions to similar medication and people with severe asthma or angina should avoid it, as should those who are pregnant or breast feeding. Other than that almost everyone should be able to grow there own amazing lashes.

Lip Augmentation
How does it work, what is a lip filler?

Lip fillers are made of a naturally occurring protein found in every cell in the body called hyaluronic acid. It is this protein that attracts water into the cell to give them their natural plump shape. Lip augmentation involves placing this protein into specific places within the lips to augment their natural appearance.

What can be done to the lips?

Lip augmentation can take a number of forms. It is possible to enhance the lip line around your lips, we can augment the shape of your lips and volume can be added to the body of your lips, or a combination of these treatments. The treatment planned all depends upon the effect you are after, from a subtle reshaping to a full on ‘POW’ pout!

What is the procedure?

After a thorough assessment of your current lip shape and size a treatment plan is agreed upon, based on your desires. Once agreed, a few injections of local anaesthetic will numb your lips and then the magic begins…. A series of injections of lip filler are made to achieve your desired results. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes.

How long does it take to work?

The effects of your lip augmentation will be immediately visible…. However, there will probably be an increase in swelling over the first day or so, so don’t worry if this happens. Your new lips will settle into their final shape after a few days.

How long does it last?

The effects of lip augmentation last an average of 3-6 months. As the lips are a highly mobile structure with a great blood supply fillers used in this area don’t last as long as when used in other areas of the face.

Does it hurt?

Our most common question! The local anaesthetic injections will sting a little, but after this the procedure should be pain free. The local anaesthetic injections are far more effective than topical preparations (magic cream) applied to the surface of the lips as the filler is injected deeper into the body of the lip.

How much does it cost?

Our lip augmentations start from £250 but the final price is discussed at the time of your consultation as all treatments are bespoke and the price reflects the amount of work required to achieve your desire results. The average price is £250-350.

Potential side effects

There are some injection related reactions which may occur after any injection and normally resolve within a few days. These may include: redness; swelling; bruising; itching; pain and tenderness.

Bruising and swelling are common with lip augmentation but they can be markedly reduced by the use of an Arnica supplement for the five days prior to your treatment.

Very rarely people may be allergic to one of the constituents of the product or develop an infection at the procedure site.

Are there any contraindications? There are very few contraindications to lip augmentation treatments as they are a natural material; only active infection and a known allergy to the numbing agent found in a number of products would prevent lip augmentation being used.
Skin Supplements
What is Skin Supplementation?

Our skin supplements are collagen based drinks. They work from the inside out to restore collagen levels; rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skins surface; boost hydration levels and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Our products combine the highest quality natural ingredients and are sourced, developed and manufactured here in the UK. A daily skin supplement will give firmer, more evenly toned, better hydrated, more youthful and healthier skin. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and you’ll also benefit from healthier and faster growing hair and nails.

How does it work?

Collagen is the major protein found in connective tissue and skin. After the age of 25 collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5% per year meaning a fall in collagen levels of around 30% by the age of 45.

The low molecular weight collagen found in our skin supplements enables rapid absorption and transportation to its site of action. The collagen fibres it then forms strengthen the pre-existing collagen matrix of the skin. This in turn increases the density of fibroblasts (the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissue) and improves the skin elasticity, hydration and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Our skin supplements also stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. When the body detects collagen in the blood stream it stimulates the production of fibroblasts, reinforcing the collagen matrix further and playing a critical role in wound healing.

This dual action makes skin supplementation a highly effective skincare solution, effectively returning your body to a younger state of collagen production.

What benefit will I see?

After first week – you’ll begin to feel a difference in your skin; softer and more hydrated.

One to two weeks – you’ll see the difference. Your skin will be more uniform, smoother, radiant, and glowing.

Two to four weeks – your skin gets firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

After the four to six week skin renewal cycle improvements will continue to build.

The appearance of your skin will continue to improve for as long as you incorporate our skin supplements into your skincare regime.

Missing a couple of days will not cause any noticeable difference, however stop completely and your skin will begin to gradually lose the benefits you have gained.

Who can take it?

Our skin supplements are suitable for both male and female adults who want the best for their skin.

How to take it? For the best results skin supplements need to be integrated into your daily skincare regime. Taken once a day the supplements will soon become indispensable; your skins best friend!


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